Mahabhulekh – Maharashtra Land Records

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Mahabhulekh word is derived from Maharashtra Land Record. Maha is short form and popular slung for Maharashtra while and Bhulekh is Hindi/Marathi word for land record.


“Mahabhulekh” is an online land record website of Maharashtra state of India. The website is started and maintained  by Maharashtra Government’s Land Records and Settlement Commission. The website keeps Land records of Maharashtra state to provide better services to citizen.

Now land buyers and land owners can check land record anytime on Mahabhulekh website. This is official website for land records in Maharashtra.

The website is in Marathi as Marathi is  the mainstream language of the state. Website’s home page has map of Maharashtra state. Map is showing all the districts of Maharashtra. These district areas on map are clickable and takes you to respective district’s land record page.

All districts in the Maharashtra are divided in to 6 zones.

Amravati Zone

Aurangabad Zone

Konkan Zone

Nagpur Zone

Nashik Zone

Pune Zone

The portal provides 7/12 utara, 8A and property card (malmatta patrak) online.

How to check  online 7/12 Utara on Mahabhulekh Site?

  1. Go to mahabhulekh website This is the official land record website of Maharashtra state.
  2. This page displays all districts of Maharashtra. Here you have to click on your district map.
  3. Select Taluka (Tehsil) and village from drop down.
  4. Now you can search 7/12 record with following two options.
    1. By Survey Number: If you know your survey number then you can search by inserting survey number.
    2. By Name: If you don’t know survey number then you can search 7/12 record by Khatadar Name.
  5. Thereafter click on ‘Show 7/12’ button to generate 7/12 record. This will display your satbara (7/12) utara in Marathi.
  6. There is also an option to print this 7/12 record. The data displayed on website is for information purpose only and can not be used for any Government/Legal purpose.

What is 7/12 Utara?

The 7/12 Utara or ‘Saat Baara Utara’ (in Marathi) is 7/12 Extract. The 7/12 extract is an extract from the land register of any district. This is maintained by the revenue department of the government of Maharashtra.

The 7/12 Extract (satbara utara) contains the following essential information:

  • Survey Number of the land.
  • Size or area of the land.
  • Land owner’s and Land cultivator’s name.
  • The nature of cultivation or type of cultivation on the land.
  • Crops which were grown and cultivated the year before.
  • Loans given to the land owner from the Government.
  • Subsidies provided by the Government on seed, pesticide and fertilizer purchase.

Here we are giving list of Mahabhulekh (7/12 Utara) Websites of all districts in Maharashtra. Now you can check Land Records / Records of Rights in Maharashtra in few clicks.


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  1. supriya rokade

    Server application error. Site is not working properly.Please take necessary action asap.


    I am Shankar Sakharam Patil at Post Salasshi Tal. Shahuwadi Dist. Kolhapur I try to opern 7/12 uttra but sum error for opening 7/12 uttra from long sum time not open link if link open than not display 7/12 please advice how to open link any other way

  3. Sujata S

    I think Ratnagiri District site has not been updated. The Talukas of Ratnagiri are not being displayed unlike other districts.
    KIndly address this query

  4. Dada Sargar

    Great. tremendous work done. Please also provide facility for “KHATE UTARA”.

  5. Dr CS Pawar

    This is good. However for some of the districts, links are not opening e.g., Nagpur and Nasik. Error 500 is being displayed. This needs to be urgently corrected.

  6. Sandeep B. Hindurao Baragao Tal-Murbad Dist-Thane (Maharashtra) itla Stanik Rahivashi aahe.tari pan Gaoamadil kutlich sarkari seva mala dili jat nahi. sarpanch Gramsevak,Talati he mala sarkari seva pasun dur thevat aahet.majya viseyi te Rajkaran kehltat yaachi aapan dakal ghyavi. chougale Talati Murbad Taluka.

  7. Indranil Shirsekar.

    Rajapur Talukach 7/12 utara online Ka Dakhavle jatnahi. Talathi Office madhe athevdatun eak var upalabdh asun amhala 7/12 utara velevar milet nahi krupaya sagve gavala roje talathi upalbdh karun denachi krupa karavi karan tithe jaminiche ghotale bharpur achale ahet.

  8. रवि

    अॉनलाईन 7/12हि बकवास आहे 3 वर्षे पासून ऐकून आहे. कधी काम पूर्ण होईल..?

  9. Somnath Laxman yelgunde

    Server Error in Application. Please do the needful we are trying more time for the access website…

  10. Rahul Patil

    wrong information is present on my father sathbara insted of my mother name some one else name is present we have old satbara record in which my mother and father name is present but when we check online the name is being change what step should i take to overcome it

  11. फिरोज पठान

    ये नागपुर की साईट कब ओपन होगी ,

    क्या मेरा बच्चा जवान होने तक ये आप की maintenance वाली बकवास पूरी हो सकेगी ,

    मैं तो अपना सात बारा (उतारा) online नहीं देख पा रहा ,

    उम्मीद करता हूँ आपके maintenance का काम जल्द पूरा हो, ताकि मेरा बेटा बड़ा होकर अपने बाप का सात बारा online देख सके !!

    धन्यवाद ! जय हिन्द !

    आपका आभारी ,
    फिरोज खान पठान , नागपुर

  12. Rajendra Ramdeo Gupta

    If i have Property card & City Survey No. how to get the survey no for getting the saat bara utara.

  13. vishal

    This site never works for me. I called the Office and they say it is under maintenance. I don’t know when it will start working as i am trying searching for 7/12 extract since a month

  14. subhash d g

    These are worst sites prepared by those government officials .they are not bothered even if it is not satisfying peoples need.

  15. Chavan Y D

    I want to prepare hakka sod patra. Pl inform me registration fees and send me draft of the same.

  16. Narendra Bandhankar

    Dear sir/madam
    i wish to have CTS / Property card no details of my Grand Father. He had agricultural land at Chembur under Taluka Kurla. What procedure i have to follow ? how i can avail this online on website ?

    as of now we do not have any proof of shet sara paid etc. as the land was give to one of the person for farming. we do not have his contact no/address.

    pls. guide us in the matter pls.

    Narendra bandhankar

  17. mahesh mane

    solapur district Online 7/12 Utara north solapur taluka. Utara milnya babat.

    Respected sir
    Sir online utara milnya babat chi takraar asun.aghaadu sarkar ne jo nirnay ghetla kii documents online bhetle pahijet jar online chya navane kagdoptri honare pahilyache kam. Tyahi peksha online pddhtila vel lagat asel tr te kay upyogache?? Aaj 1 mahina jhala. Solapur ZP & CTSO (city servey office )mdhe online utara sathi lokanni barechh takrarii online utara mdhe barechhh bhongl karbhar distoy. Chalu Lekhii 7/12 utara var naav ahet bt online utara vr ti nahit. Ase kaa?? Tya bddle takraar keli asta.yaa lokancaya complaint chii koni dakhl nahi ghet.ajun 15-20 divas thamba ase boltat government ch problem ahe ase boltat sarkaari adhikaari. Yavar Z24 taas chya team ne laksh ghaluun solapur collector yanna yabddle jaab vicharave karan amhii bhetlo tri tyachi dakhl nahi ghet koni.soo plzzz I request u.ji online utara system chalu keli ahe ti velet bhetle pahijet kharedi vikriii tyamule thambli utara mule. Soooo mi vinantii kartoy Z24 taas media la.tyanni solapur district cha haa jo kahi karbhaar chala ahe to ughdkila anava. N lvkarat lvkar online 7/12 utara bhetle pahijet.soo please I request to Z24 taas team.solve this complaints as soon as possible.

    Ek Yuvak

  18. rehansurme

    i want to know the land records from mahabulekh it is no opnening please give the feed back

  19. Raymond

    when i open this website ( i get this error (Please Contact Web Administrator.)

    Please suggest.

  20. subhash vijay ransing

    can change of name be effect in city survey office in ulhasnagar on basis of ‘Will” .”Will” is not probated and legal heir as objection on change of name ?

  21. riyaj allaudin tamboli

    mala majya aajobanchi Jaminicha Satbara utara pahije to kasa kay milel sir/madam krupaya madat kara

  22. pramod

    Dear sir/madam
    Meri maa ki death ko 20 saal ho gye,aur mere papa ki death ko 9 saal ho gye,inka love married tha,meri maa ka naam maaike ka vimal maruti chavan tha,aur mama ka naam dattatry maruti chavan h,taluka alibag,jila raigad h,mere mama meri maa ka death certificate lene aaye,mere mama iss baare me kuch nhi btate,mujhe meri maa,aur mama ka 7/12 kaise milega,plz sir/madam meri madat kijiye..

  23. Mahesh

    My grandfather is no more now. They are not going to village so one our relatives cultivate our farm from last many 40 years so now my father want to take charge but my father name is not mentioned in 7/12 so what we do ?

  24. smita gawas

    i the daughter of maruti kashinath jagtap, our land at karavle , ambernath taluka, dist:- thane
    my father’s father owned a land but my cousins r doing agriculture on it. i wants to knw wether my father name is their in 8a uttara. 8a uttar details i want online, i nd my sisiter both r the ower nw but he is saying nothings is urs. plz help me to get the same.


    hello, my grandfather name is tatya daulati ghag, we have land 2 land into naigaon west but, we dont know about our other lands, how can i get the surname wise find our land on websight

    1. R B DALVI

      We are 5 bothers and 2 sisters . Can our sisters execute HAKKASOD PATRA in favour of any ONE of the brothers ? This relates to family’s landed property.

  26. satyajeet

    Please allow to send the documents such as registered agreements etc in digital format eg. PDF format so that updating of land records will be quick , easier and hassle free. You can certainly call the applicant in case of any explanation you may need.

    1. kiran nanekar

      At dongargaon Taluka maval. dist pune,June satbara utare kase kadave

  27. dhanshetti umakant

    South solapur Village Valsang gat no.64 in what zone yellow/green


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